Samstag, 3. September 2016


For quite some time now I have ben having ideas about a setting and the rules to go with it.

What I want is to create a sci-fi setting that is new and interesting, as well as rules that are (somewhat) easy to understand, make a certain degree of sense and aloow for varied charakters without being too imbalanced.

Now, here ist a little introduction to the setting:

In the far future, humanity is nothing more than a legend. Having left the galaxy thousands of years ago, all that is left of them are mystical artifacts of immense power - waypoints, connecting a multitude of solar systems, hermetic eniges, allowing ships to travel without concern for physical limitations and gargantuan fortresses lying between realities being merely a few of the wonders left behind.

Now, the galaxy is dominated by 5 species.

Quua, who live in oceans of molten lead and travel as nomads after their homeworld was destroyed.

Isfera, a nation of  strong AI's, disliked by most but technologically highly advanced.

Vilja, fey-like, quite similar to humans, these absent minded creatures seem to possess endless inspiration and an intellect far sharper than one might think.

 And then there are two more, who I have been unable to name so far.

As for the rules, I have already created a rough framework based entirely on the d10. It will be expanded upon in another post.

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