Sonntag, 4. September 2016

Rules 1: Introduction

These rules have been worked on for quite some time now and had to be revised several times. Now, however, I have created something with which I am satisfied.

All die rolls in this system are made with a d10.

Each charakter has 9 attributes, divided into three categories:
  • Body: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution
  • Mind: Knowledge, Insight, Charisma
  • Soul: Presence, Harmony, Will
The Isfera, however, are without soul and thus do not have the soul attributes. They do, however, have access to the following category:
  • Technology: Processor, Energy, Machine

Then there are also skills, representing the training, knowledge and skill a charakter has in certain areas.

All checks are skill-checks. Fighting, interaction, magic, crafting and everything else.

In order to roll, both the skill and  the appropriate attribute are needed. To roll, you take a number of d10 equal to your skill rank and rol all of them. Each one that comes up lower than the attribute counts as a success.

Skills and attributes do not generally have fixed relations to each other - while the skill should always be appropriate for what you want to do, the attribute relates to how you want to use the skill. For example, if you had a skill called "fighting", you could use it with strength or dexterity to fight. With Knowledge you could know about famous fighters and fighting schools, while Insight would allow you to realize how good another fighter is or where he was trained.

Both skills and attributes have a maximum rank of 10, although racial bonuses can change this.

Samstag, 3. September 2016


For quite some time now I have ben having ideas about a setting and the rules to go with it.

What I want is to create a sci-fi setting that is new and interesting, as well as rules that are (somewhat) easy to understand, make a certain degree of sense and aloow for varied charakters without being too imbalanced.

Now, here ist a little introduction to the setting:

In the far future, humanity is nothing more than a legend. Having left the galaxy thousands of years ago, all that is left of them are mystical artifacts of immense power - waypoints, connecting a multitude of solar systems, hermetic eniges, allowing ships to travel without concern for physical limitations and gargantuan fortresses lying between realities being merely a few of the wonders left behind.

Now, the galaxy is dominated by 5 species.

Quua, who live in oceans of molten lead and travel as nomads after their homeworld was destroyed.

Isfera, a nation of  strong AI's, disliked by most but technologically highly advanced.

Vilja, fey-like, quite similar to humans, these absent minded creatures seem to possess endless inspiration and an intellect far sharper than one might think.

 And then there are two more, who I have been unable to name so far.

As for the rules, I have already created a rough framework based entirely on the d10. It will be expanded upon in another post.